The great winemaking traditions


Nestled on the hill of Carpineta, between Cesena and the Rubicone valley, the heart of Podere Palazzo looks down on its ten hectares of vineyards from a wooded knoll: the gaze sweeps from the Adriatic Sea to the nearby castles of Sorrivoli and Monteleone, embracing one of the most evocative corners of the Romagna hill, where cypresses and hilltop villages chase each other on land that is most suited to vine cultivation.

This is where exclusive wines are born, coming from picked and selected grapes, made with skilful use of French woods to give each bottle that delicate, soft and austere touch that enhances the fruit.




In recent years, creativity and the pursuit of excellence have been the growth philosophy for Podere Palazzo, whose eco-sustainable crops produce fine wines that perfectly represent the Romagna area and the qualities of the family estate.

The story of Podere Palazzo is a simple and solid story, which speaks of native vineyards in the Cesena countryside, of well-cultivated vines, of single-variety vinifications, of large barrels and unforgettable “Reserves” and, at the origin of everything, of seriousness and passion for our product and for the beautiful land where we were born and raised.





The historic vineyards of
Podere Palazzo

Run on fresh and clayey hills, at an ideal altitude for the cultivation of Sangiovese di Romagna. Over the years, other rows have been added to the original vineyard, adding new vines to the native grapes of Romagna, from which to obtain fine blends also dedicated to overseas markets: today on our hills they find an excellent habitat for Sangiovese and Trebbiano, Albana and Bombino white, but also Merlot and Lambrusco grapes.

From these lands are born exclusive wines, coming from grapes harvested and selected by hand in the vineyards of the estate and made with the wise and careful use of French woods, small and large, to give each bottle that delicate, soft and austere touch that enhances its fruit, embellishing it with persuasive hints of spices.

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A short distance from the vineyards and the estate is our store, in Calisese di Cesena. Here it is possible not only to buy our wines, but also to visit the environments where the aging in barrique takes place, participate in tastings and events. Contact us to schedule an opening according to your needs!


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