SURPRISING AND EXCITING, What you were looking for for your Party

Baptisms, communions, graduations, anniversaries, birthdays, hen parties and stag parties, these are just some of the occasions that we can organize among our vineyards.

an organization, always precise and punctual like ours, will make special and unforgettable, with proposals full of ideas of originality and planned down to the smallest detail.

Whatever your reason for partying, in our location your guests will be pampered and welcomed by a sensory journey of colors and scents offered by nature, which combine with the flavors of our wines in the enveloping atmosphere with the festive chatter of relatives and friends.

While waiting for the arrival of the newlyweds, the flavors and colors of the kitchen will then take care of the flavors and colors of the kitchen that together with the glasses full of wine will entertain guests between the garden and the outdoor area where the typical views of a dream countryside alternate with corners furnished with taste and elegance.